We want your gorgeous kids to have the time of their lives and we want your conference experience to be the best yet! So below are a few handy hints you will need to help us, help you!


When does SWB Kids happen?

SWB Kids happens at the same time as the Main Conference.

You can check your child/children in 20 minutes prior to each session commencing.

Doors open 6:40pm & 9:10am.

What ages are catered for at SWB Kids?

From 1 year old (and walking) all the way through to Grade 6.

What do I need to bring?

ALL AGES- Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are all provided during the Friday Day Sessions. However, if your child has specific dietary needs and/or allergies, please bring a clearly labelled lunch box and notify the Room Director upon arrival.

Please remember, if you are packing your child’s food: NO NUTS OR EGGS. This is a safety action as some children have severe allergies to all nuts and related foods.

It’s a good idea to bring a clearly labelled water bottle, spare clothes, hat, enclosed shoes and anything else your child may require (eg. Dummy, Nappies, Blanket, Bedding (porta-cot) if a nap is required).

We advise against bringing any electronic devices to KIDS (eg. iPads, iPhones, DS’s). SWB Conference and Citipointe KIDS will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage of any electronic devices.




When you arrive at Conference, please make your way to our KIDS Level on the Mezzanine Floor. If you are unsure where to go, please just ask one of our friendly hosts and we would love to assist you.

Upon arrival at the Mezzanine Floor, please head to our Check-in Desk, where you will be issued with your Child & Parent ID stickers. To ensure the safety and security of your child/ren please maintain and present Parent ID Sticker upon collection of your child/ren. The Parent ID is required to collect your child/ren. Please keep your mobile phone switched on throughout conference as this is our only way to contact you if issues arise. (SWB KIDS Team are not permitted to change nappies and you will be contacted if required).


Is there a KIDS program?

Yes. There is a KIDS Program throughout the duration of SWB Conference. This will consist of activities, games and outdoor play. If you require to collect your child early from the program and find they are not in the room, the Room Director’s contact number will be posted on the door.

Am I required to collect my child in between sessions?

Avoid popping into the rooms if possible, as it can lead to the child/ren becoming unsettled and disrupting the room. You are not required to collect your child/ren in between sessions. However, it is a great opportunity for a nappy change, if required.

Will food be provided during conference?

We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the Friday Day Sessions. Please see our ‘WHAT TO BRING’ Section for more information.

There is no food provided during the PM session and we advise feeding your child/ren before arrival.

What if my child/ren needs a nap?

Please ensure you bring any bedding required including porta-cots, and ensure it is set up in the designated area upon arrival.

When do I need to collect my child/ren?

Child/ren collection is immediately following the close of the session.

Eg.       Night Sessions – 9:00PM

Friday Day Session – 3:20PM